This patch is now deprecated, an up to date version has recently been merged into the main branch of DDClient, see this post for more details.

A couple of months ago, the OP-EZY server started sending me messages that the automatic Dynamic DNS updater was passing some illegal commands through its internal cache. Whilst the service was still being updated, it was now being spammed every 5 minutes with the same IP address which could end up with my account banned with Cloudflare.

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The strange thing is, the copy of ddclient the server was using was the officially patched version from Cloudflare’s wiki, and at the time of writing, this version, based on the 120 revision of version 3.8.0, is still what Cloudflare provide.

So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and not only upgrade ddclient to the current 3.8.1 version, but also add working Cloudflare support.

Firstly, a copy of ddclient 3.8.1 needs to be downloaded from the project’s site, then the following patch needs to be applied:


To apply patches, follow this guide.

This copy of ddclient will now work with Cloudflare without error messages spamming the administrator’s email, and it shouldn’t crash as often (if at all).

This version will not work with multiple namecheap domains, for that, the patch I published in a previous article should work with this version.